Location: Wade, North Carolina

Started: 2004

Pastor: Rev. Lynn McLaurin

Rev. Lynn McLaurin planted the South River Community Church on Hwy 13 near Wade, NC in 2004. South River Community Church began its first service on September 19th, 2004 with 83 people attending. Pastor Lynn McLaurin rejoiced to see the official opening of the church as this church was birthed in his spirit as he rode through the community that he worked and lived in and realized that there were hundreds and hundreds who did not attend church. Many of the people who attended the first service are unchurched and Pastor McLaurin has a vision to reach the lost of his community with the gospel.


Pastor Lynn McLaurin reports that South River Community Church celebrated their fifth year celebration November 15th with 170 in attendance.  God also blessed them with an offering of over $98,000.  They are still in the process of completing their new church in which they hope to complete by next spring.

Excerpt From The Messenger, July/Aug 2009 Issue

In 2004, Rev. Lynn McLaurin had no interest in church planting. His view was that we had enough churches and let’s fill the ones we already have. That was soon to change as God dealt with his heart to plant a church in the South River Community near Wade N.C. The Lord would soon open his eyes to an old commu- nity building in the South River com- munity that needed a lot of work. He contacted me concerning his dream and vision for a church to be planted in his community. I, and Missionary Nick Sicat, met with Rev. McLaurin at the community building and agreed in prayer with him that God would fulfill his vision to plant a church in the Wade/South River Community. Many different individuals and several churches in the community joined financially and physically to help Brother McLaurin proceed with the preparation of a new church in the community.

Today they are building a new church on nineteen acres of land about a mile from the community building. The building will sit up to seven hundred people when fully completed. When completed the church will be over thirteen thousand square feet in size. The new building
includes numerous Sunday School rooms and training centers. Future plans include an outdoor baptismal pool; prayer garden; athletic field; amphitheater and camping retreat. This building should be completed by early 2010. It is their prayer that the building will be debt free when completed! Pastor McLaurin has well over one hundred in associa- tion with the church and over ninety attending in their present facility on average. The community building has been an inhibitor to the growth of the church, but the new building will resolve that problem.


In Summer of 2005, Rev. Lynn McLaurin reported he was averaging in the mid-sixties each Sunday and in December of 2005 about 85 each Sunday.

South River Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church celebrated their first anniversary on August 21, 2005 with 167 people in attendance. What a great success! They also had 137 in attendance on Friends Day, baptized 13 people in 2005 and 20 individuals had been saved.



World Witness Director, Dock Hobbs visited South River Community Church in January of 2006. They had 117 in attendance the Sunday that Rev. Hobbs visited and on January 15th, they had 107 in attendance. But more importantly, souls are being saved and lives are being changed by the power of God.

In July 2006, South River Community Church reported that they had begun their development of nineteen acres of land. They also moved some buildings for the property they acquired. Pastor Lynn McLaurin is truly excited to see what the Lord is doing.



In January 2007, South River Community Church received a gift of $122,000 to help get started with a new church building in 2007.

Since the beginning, Pastor Lynn McLaurin has experienced continual growth at this church. In a building that holds only about 100 they are averaging over 90 per Sunday to date and their high attendance has reached 167 for their first annual celebration Sunday. God has blessed them to receive 19 acres of land and they plan to build a sanctuary in late fall 2007 with the hope of it being completed in 2008. South River Community Church celebrated their third year in September 2007. The church has been averaging in the 80’s in attendance through 2007 and their sanctuary that will be completed in 2008 will hold nearly four hundred in attendance.

In October 2007, Pastor Lynn McLaurin reported that God is still blessing the SRCC with their church growth. They are waiting for final architect drawings and licenses to start their new church facility. It is their hope to start their building by late November or early December. Pastor McLaurin recently received $50,000 from an individual toward the cost of the facility. This is in addition to $122,000 that was given to him earlier. Continue to pray that God will bless this church plant.



Pastor Lynn McLaurin reports breaking the 100 barrier in attendance in 2008.  This is a great accomplishment for the 4 year old church. 

South River Community Church is approaching construction.  They have a total of 19 acres. Fifteen acres were donated by friends who do not attend the church but have a great interest in what God is doing.  The church has finished with all the permits and they will soon begin their new church building on Highway 13 just north of Wade N.C. Since they started their church three years ago in a small community building that they had to refurbish God has blessed the church to grow. The average attendance has largely been in the 80’s in a building that should only seat about 60 people comfortably. They have already purchased some of the material to build a 400 seat sanctuary.

South River Community Church celebrated their 4th anniversary on November 16th with 138 in attendance. The church also received a special offering of over $151,800.00 for their building fund. But the greatest event that took place was that God blessed the service with the salvation of a gentleman in his thirties whose wife has been attending since the beginning of the church. Also there was a healing service where God moved in a very special way. In addition to Sunday’s offering another $50,000 was contributed only three weeks ago.  When people were asked, “What is it that attracted you to South River?”    They responded, “It is the love and friendliness I experience from the people when attending.”



South River Community Church held a baptismal service on September 26th.   

Eleven new converts were baptized. Pastor Lynn McLaurin reports that they may be moving into their new sanctuary in the Spring 2010.  Praise God for what he is doing in this church!



Rev. Lynn McLaurin, pastor of the South River Community Church, would like to thank all the volunteers who have helped out the SRCC. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for the many months of hard work by the Oak Grove Church, and many others who are to numerous to name in the remodeling of the South River Community Building. Special thanks to Long Branch Church, Randall's Chapel, Horace Johnson and Jerome Pope for helping provide tables for the church.

Pray for God to open doors for land to eventually build a church. One unnamed individual gave a large gift toward this effort! God's blessings to Pastor McLaurin and to the work at South River Community Church.



If you would like to help out the South River Community Church or make a donation, you may contact Rev. McLaurin at 910-321-0223 or Amy Murphy at the PFWB Headquarters at 910-892-4161.

Church Address:
6092 Goldsboro Hwy
Wade, NC 28395

Church Phone: 910-323-4761



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